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Friends.  We are all so lucky to have them.  A good friend is versatile.  She understands the different moods of you.  Together, the two of you create something new.  It might be a funny moment.  It could be an inside joke that takes on a life of its own.  All she needs to do is allude to it and you are gone.

When I was little I was able to meet a special friend.  Through the awkwardness of middle school, and many intellectual and emotional roads we traveled.  For eighteen years we shared similar geography.  This made it easy to stay in touch.  Now we are separated by many miles.  Our lives are busy, filled with shoveling the driveway and running to the grocery store.

How lucky I am to still have this friend.  We seem like such different people now, as adults.  She still gets me on so many levels, I am amazed.  How can a person who lives across the country see what is going on in my head and know what I am thinking?  I am so lucky to still have my friend.

Now, I’m going to try a new little gadget on my blog to show some friends I am watching to grow together.  I hope these girls appreciate their friendship and grow as individuals.  Somewhere in the future I hope they find each other again. . . to laugh, to cry, to share, to be thankful for each other.

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One comment on “Friends

  1. Mama Ritchie
    January 12, 2011

    Aw… you went and made me cry. Suzy and her friend remind me of us when we were their age. Some of my best memories are the endless times I leaped over the soggy swamp between our houses to go see you. Whether it was choreographing our own dances or watching Moonlighting or just being together, it was so nice to have my best friend so close. And though we are separated now not by a soggy suburban swamp but a few thousand miles, I still feel as close to you as I did then. I love you, and I loved this!

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