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Writing and Reading Rant

It seems for the last few weeks there has been a reading/writing drought going on.  I continue to try and push myself forward as a reader and writer.  Yet, the business we all participate in called, “life” has taken all my time.  Some of it has been necessary for maintaining my job.  Truth be told, I am not quite sure where the time has gone?  What in the heck have I been doing that has been taking away from my creative time?  So, once again, like everything in our lives we vow to improve, I am making a pact with myself to surround myself with my passions.  Without these contributing to my thoughts, my mind races with what ifs.  It’s almost as if I need to keep my mind busy so I don’t let the what ifs creep in.

There are a few areas of reading and writing that I need to address.  First, my own children’s reading.  I usually have a list of books at my fingertips for them.  This simply needs attention.  A problem like this can be remedied simply with a visit to the library and a bookstore.

Writing in this blog needs to be a weekly priority of about two times a week minimum.  Even though my audience tends to be low, who cares.  It helps me to grow as a writer to get the thoughts down.

Reading more than one book at a time seems a necessary evil.  I know.  One book at a time and working full time should be enough.  But, it simply isn’t.  Now that I have started reading more adult fiction like Cutting for Stone, and Three Cups of Tea and Gilead, I find myself needing a daily dose.  It is surprising however, to see how much I am missing reading junior fiction and young adult literature.

Then there is the New York Times.  I don’t think I have read the Times for two weeks.  That should be illegal.  There are so many critical observations I get from the Times.  The quality of the writing surrounds me, pushing me forward in my reading and writing reflection.  Notice.  I have not written in weeks.  Certainly, this is a direct reflection of my lack of reading.  What an awful vacation to take, from reading and writing, that is.  The mind becomes complacent.

Enough complaining.  Action must be the next step.  For the next two days, I must squeeze in these thinking essentials, if only to feel like my brain is moving forward.


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