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I would like to piggy back on my last post about the beginning of my journey into the IB (International Baccalaureate) curriculum.  In my last post I connected my personal reading to the Learner Profile.  For this post I would like to share my experience from this weekend.  It was completely “IB ish” (as my principal would say.)  Teaching in an IB curriculum supports the idea that we are called to act for international mindedness.  Before we as teachers are able to call others to act, shouldn’t we be called to act ourselves?  During the last six months I feel I have been called to act for the greater good in several ways.  I have changed my place of worship.  As a result I have begun participating in some of the social justice programs my new spiritual community supports.  This last Saturday I participated in the “Walk for Water” lead in part by the group Water Missions International.  My youngest daughter and I signed up at the last minute without collecting any donations, three days before the event.  It was a very cold, wet and dreary fall morning.  My daughter and I drove to the park for the walk.  I don’t know what I imagined it was going to be like.  I think my lack of expectations made a greater impact on me.  I didn’t bring my camera with me.  But, I did have my new smart phone with a camera and video capabilities I had never tried to use.  As soon as I saw the family activities under the tents, I knew I had to start documenting the event to share with my students.  The money raised by this organization goes toward the devolpment of water filtration systems for people around the world without clean water.  One of our curriculum topics in science and social studies explores our uses of land and water as resources.  It all came together.  I am going to attempt to share some of the images I took from the walk in hopes that readers my be called to act, if not financially then politically and spiritually to support this world problem.


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