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Finding Quiet

Every year it amazes me.  I merge onto the highway of the school year at what feels like 90 miles an hour.  Not only am I panicked by the surrounding cars weaving in and out of traffic,  I feel as though my sight is compromised in bad weather like side line winds and fog.  The goal is trying to survive.  Many of you young parents might be celebrating getting back into the routine of it all.  Just know that behind the scenes teachers are doing their best to make it seem like it’s easy.  Each day I frantically work to make sure and provide lessons that are at just the right pace, lasting just the right time, meaningful, relevant, motivating, challenging, innovative and authentic.  This is some tall order.  With all that teachers must manage it’s quite an overwhelming task.  Even after years of reading, experience and reflection the most simple truths seem to remain.

Its important to take time to wonder.  Last night my family and I paused a movie and ran outside onto the wet grass to take a small glimpse of Jupiter at its closest distance to the earth in over 50 years.  Several of us took turns trying to look at a white blob with some neighboring stars and a blur of color.  After much discussion and several turns we were amazed to discover we could see the stripped lines on the planet if you remained very still.  My youngest took my husband’s phone and swept it across the night sky identifying planets on his star finder app.  We rotated the telescope toward the moon.  It was a perfect photograph with crisp lines and circles of craters.  The bright gray landscape popped out as the sun shone on its face.  Dark shadow blurred in back of it contrasting against its opposite side.  I can’t help but think about how natural learning experiences take time, perspective, a variety of people’s input mixing with each other to make meaning.  All the noise of too many things going on does not make it easy for these truths to present themselves, slowly being revealed like the layers of an onion.

For next week, my goal is going to be to help my children develop patience and vigilance  as they discover learning in themselves and each other.  I hope to create a quiet haven full of rich experiences they will uncover.


One comment on “Finding Quiet

  1. Stacy Wiegerink
    September 18, 2010

    You do a marvelous job navigating down this crazy highway! Your students and parents are so fortunate to have you in the drivers seat! Here’s to a week with few distractions!

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