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Why is it that some people are morning people and some are not?  I have the intense desire to be a morning person.  Imagining waking up at 6:00 to the birds, cradling my coffee in my hands up to my face -its steam and aroma filling me with hope, can’t be a bad way to start the day.  Even if I wake up on my own, it feels like 3 am to me.  My body tells me it is simply wrong to be up and about at any hour before nine.

Then there is exercise.   Do you do it in the morning?  Does it create more stress trying to squeeze it in there?  Or does it make your day better, waking up those muscles, going over your daily list of things to do.  Listening to music in the morning while I exercise helps to wake me up a bit.  I wonder if making a morning playlist would help.

As soon as I start to teach, it doesn’t matter if I want to get up or not, its just necessary.  Maybe it’s better that way.  Too many choices.  If I have to get up at a certain time every morning it just loses that summer-feel and I start resenting the school day encroaching upon me, slowly.

This morning, I was up to take the dog out at 6:15.  I could have made some coffee, could have turned on the computer or read the NYTimes on the Kindle, started my day with Middlemarch or Lit or tinkers. At least I ran.  Maybe tomorrow I will try to run and read . . . that is if I’m not up all night worrying about school.


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