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Putting Yourself Out There

There are so many ways we curl up into our daily routines, finding comfort, getting things done.  Sometimes we forget how important it is to put ourselves out there.  Making ourselves vulnerable to others by asking questions about things we don’t know can be hard.  You have to find the right people who know you just the right way and ask them just at the right time.  It really is quite a gift to have a friend who will listen to you work things out aloud.  Today, I want to thank Melissa for listening.  I’m not having any sort of monumental crisis.  I’m really quite happy with my relationships, my summer, my job.  Its just nice to be able to really have a truly meaningful conversation with someone other than my husband (I’m so lucky that we have them all the time) to get a different perspective on life, my thoughts, my questions, my self.

It reminds me how important it is to share with others.  Sometimes, I feel like I spend so much time listening to others working things out that I forget to leave time for myself.  Having a conversation is such an intricate, delicate balance.  Each person needs to spend just the right amount of time sharing and listening.  There aren’t many people around who truly value the art of conversation any more.  I feel like it is a lost art I am trying to teach in the classroom.  Today, I had the privilege to engage in many truly good conversations with several people.  It was so refreshing.  Instead of the daily pleasantries, I felt like I learned from the perspectives of others.  What an enriching, surprising, simple experience – to share a conversation with a friend.


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