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Seriously, I Wrote This Yesterday!

Day two of the “15 minutes a day” project.


The topic for today is going to be about reading.  So, if you are not a complete reading nerd like I am don’t waste your time reading any further. I wonder, how prevalent is the multiple-voice novel?  I just finished reading The Help by Katherine Stockett.  Wonderful read by the way, written through the voice of three different characters.  Now I am reading the book, Awaiting Your Reply by Dan Chaon.  This story is also told through three different voices.  I wonder how much our culture of TV channel surfers has influenced writing today.  Keeping all the different stories/characters straight seems a bit confusing.  I did fall in love with Aibileen from The Help.  I understand the reason behind the many perspectives.  But, in this novel I am currently reading, Await Your Reply, I find myself becoming less attached to the characters, knowing they aren’t going to be “with me” the whole time. I don’t like all the main characters in Reply as much as I did in Help either.  I still can’t decide if I want to put it down and read something else.  I’m curious about how the author is going to get all these characters in Reply to come together in the end.


One comment on “Seriously, I Wrote This Yesterday!

  1. Susan
    August 5, 2010

    The Help is on my list of “to be read”. I’m anxious to hear how your 15mins/day goes. I have added you to my feed to follow. 🙂

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