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Filling up my tank

So what kinds of things “Fill up your tank?”  This is a phrase I use a lot when I need certain people or activities to re-energize the soul.  I definitely am on empty right now.  Here’s a list of things that make me feel fresh, ready for the world. . .

1. Sitting down to read while in the middle of a good book.

2. Rediscovering favorite artists.

3. Connecting with old friends.

4.  Having really deep conversations with random people.

5. Dreaming about running in Central Park.

6. Watching Pride and Prejudice (2005)

7. Laughing with my girls about The Upsidedown Show.

8. Spotting Forget-me-nots

9. Chai tea latte on a cold and rainy afternoon.

10. Long car trip conversations with my husband.

11. The warm spot of the bed when you come back after using the bathroom in the morning.

12. Slippers

13. Writing a really great line.

14. Napping on a Saturday.

15. Singing gospel music.

16. Vivaldi

17.  When my kids get into bed to catch a few extra winks with me after the alarm has gone off, but before I get out of bed.

18. Cartalk on NPR Saturday mornings at 10:00.

19. Everyday People Restaurant in Douglas, Michigan.


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