Learning Lines

Investigating New Territory Through The World of Writing


Swish, step

Swish, step.

Only the balls of her feet hit the ground

For an instant

Before the other leg swings through

hip sockets

Pulling her forward,

Not thinking about behind,

Not worrying about ahead,

Right now,

Her feet pound the pavement,


steady like a train engine

pushing through teeth

helps her keep the balance.

Tunes fuel her engine,

keeping her focused.

For a moment,

She is distracted by the biker

who races by.

The runner looks longingly at the wheels so easily moving.

It looks effortless.

The biker wavers as the front tire of her bike hits a hole in the pavement.

Causing the bike to teeter,

the rider, to panic

Her shoulders jerk hastily,

trying to recover from her miscalculation.

Swish, step


The runner hungers for the bike,

for an escape from this drudgery

For a destination

other than the monotony of this path.

Swish, step.

Swish, step.

A car passes.

A familiar smile and a wave create a snapshot of encouragement

Music energizes the runner to keep pushing ahead.

The woman in the car rests her head in her bunched up fist,

Her elbow balances on the edge of the window of the car

The other hand suddenly steers out of the way of the

pothole that comes out of nowhere.

She yearns to be the runner on the path,

free from her obligations to pick up her sons from soccer.

Later, she plans to get on her treadmill.

Almost there,

Swish, step



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