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I think I Will Keep Teaching for my Day Job

Tomorrow is the first day back from Spring Break and I’m making a Spring Break resolution.  Can I do that?  Here it is.  I’m keeping my day job, teaching, and allowing myself the freedom to be a normal human being before 8:00 and after 4:00.  My dream day would be to wake up and have a cup of coffee while reading the Times.  Could I do it in an hour?  Maybe.  Then, after school, I might run before talking with my husband as we make dinner and help the kids with homework.  Finally, I would take 45 minutes to an hour just to write.   I don’t think that is too much to ask.

Why do I want to start this narcissistic routine?  I just finished reading Ignore Everybody and 39 Other Keys to Creativity by Hugh MacLeod.  If I didn’t have children and teach young children, I would probably have him on my blog roll.  But, he tends to say the f-word a lot.  Which can often cause me to focus on that instead of his message, unfortunately.  This was the perfect Spring Break book for me.  Instead of feeling like I have to move from one career to another, Hugh MacLeod has erased all the conventional lines of society and brought me right back down into reality. . . how to grapple with creative juices during the every day lives we lead. Often our every day life requires time.  Time we would rather be spending on something else.  Writing, drawing, making music, painting.  Whatever.   Starting the day with reading and writing can be as habitual as running and brushing my teeth, can’t it?  Is it too self serving to want to have these small pleasures to start and end my day?  Hugh would say it is the only reasonable way for me to keep my feet in reality, but continue to be creative.


2 comments on “I think I Will Keep Teaching for my Day Job

  1. Amy Ritchie
    April 12, 2010

    Huh, Hugh MacLeod. I’ll have to check him out, F-Bombs and all. I don’t think it’s too self serving to feed your passion in life. But I do think that with all the unforeseen events in daily life, reading and writing quickly get pushed down to the bottom of the list. I don’t even write my blog anymore because I only have time for 140 character updates on Facebook while I’m working or waiting for my pizza to be ready. I love how your blog looks, BTW. That’s another thing – I have to revamp my blog and the thought of it is exhausting, too. Anyway, though I wasn’t on Spring Break I’ll make a Spring Break resolution to read your blog every day you write it, and maybe, even possibly, start writing in mine again. xoxo

  2. Jessica Parker
    April 12, 2010


    Love the blog. It is a great way for me to catch up with you! Here is a thought….you are such a creative person and I understand the desire to create. Just don’t forget that you are being creative in the classroom everyday. The kids in your class are so lucky to have you. I know you have been teaching forever, but you, viewed from outside, are the most creative teacher around. Just remember that…..

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